A trusted space: for talk and understanding

Let’s talk about your past and current life, and the life you dream of. 

Are you feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, irritable, bored or just plain „stuck”? Have you experienced something that feels difficult to talk about and to understand, making you feel alienated and overwhelmed? Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to examine these feelings and to gain insight into your life and to feel better about yourself. 

The decision to begin working with a therapist is never easy. But you are not alone in your experiences. Whatever has brought you to consider counselling I provide a confidential, non-judgmental and empathetic space to talk about this. 

If you wish, we can arrange a free phone call to talk about your reasons to seek some support. We can also meet online or a in person consultation which will allow more time to understand your situation now and think about the next possible steps. 

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you as you move forward in this process.